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published DOI Moreira, S.V., Justi, F.R.R., Gomes, C.F.A., & Moreira, M. (2023). Music therapy enhances episodic memory in Alzheimer’s and nixed dementia: A double-blind randomized controlled trial. Healthcare, 11, 2912.
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published DOI Brainerd, C.J., Gomes, C.F.A., & Nakamura, K. (2015). Dual recollection in episodic memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144, 816-843.
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published DOI Buratto, L.G., Gomes, C.F.A., Prusokowski, T.S., & Stein, L.M. (2013). Inter-item association norms for the Brazilian version of the emotional Deese/Roediger-McDermott paradigm. Psicologia: Reflexão & Crítica, 26, 367-375.
published DOI Gomes, C.F.A., Brainerd, C.J., & Stein, L.M. (2013). The effects of emotional valence and arousal on recollective and nonrecollective recall. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 39, 663-677.
published DOI Pilar, D.R., Jaeger, A., Gomes, C.F.A., & Stein, L.M. (2012). Passwords usage and human memory limitations: A survey across age and educational background. Plos One, 7, e51067.
published DOI Miramontes, M.M., Gomes, C.F.A., Mojardin, A.H., & Stein, L.M. (2012). El efecto de generación: Productor o reductor de falsas memorias. Anales de Psicologia, 28, 585-596.
published DOI Grassi-Oliveira, R., Gomes, C.F.A., & Stein, L.M. (2011). False recognition in women with a history of childhood emotional neglect and diagnose of recurrent major depression. Consciousness and Cognition, 20, 1127-1143.
published DOI Kristensen, C.H., Gomes, C.F.A., Justo, A.R., & Vieira, K. (2011). Brazilian norms for the Affective Norms for English Words. Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 33, 135-146.
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published DOI Stein, L.M., & Gomes, C.F.A. (2009). Brazilian norms for word lists: Semantic association, concreteness, word frequency, and emotionality. Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa, 25, 537-546.


Book Chapters

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Amazon Gomes, C.F.A., Cohen, B.R., Desai, A., Brainerd, C.J., & Reyna, V.F. (2014). Aging and false memory: Fuzzy-trace theory and the elderly eyewitness. In Toglia, M.P., Ross, D.F., Pozzulo, J., & Pica, E. (Eds.), The elderly eyewitness in court (pp. 137-166). New York: Psychology Press.
Amazon Gomes, C.F.A., & Brainerd, C.J. (2013). Dual processes in the development of reasoning: The memory side of the theory. In P. Barrouillet & C. Gauffroy (Eds.), The development of thinking and reasoning (pp. 221-242). New York: Psychology Press.
Amazon Rohenkohl, G., Gomes, C.F.A., Silveira, R.A.T., Pinto, L.H., & Santos, R.F. (2010). Emotion and false memories. In: Stein, L.M. Falsas Memórias: Fundamentos científicos, aplicações clínicas e jurídicas (pp. 87-100). Porto Alegre: ARTMED.



A few selected presentations.

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paper PDF Gomes, C.F.A.. Modelagem multinomial na investigação de processos latentes. Simposio Cerebro e Mente II, BR, 2019.
lecture PDF Gomes, C.F.A.. Processos de recordação durante comprometimento cognitivo leve e doença de Alzheimer. Universidade de Brasília, BR, 2018.
lecture PDF Gomes, C.F.A.. Aplicações da modelagem multinomial na pesquisa em cognição humana. Universidade de Brasília, BR, 2018.
paper Abstract Brainerd, C.J., Gomes, C.F.A., Moran, R., & Reyna, V.F. Dual-recollection theory. Psychonomic Society Meeting, US, 2016.
poster PDF Gomes, C.F.A., & Brainerd, C.J. Bivariate recollecttion in recognition. Psychonomic Society Meeting, US, 2015.