Who am I?

My name is Carlos F. A. Gomes. I’m a scientist, psychologist (B.S., M.A., and Ph.D.), math modeler (stochastic processes), programmer, free knowledge supporter, single-board computer fanatic, magic the gathering player, and electronics hobbyist. In addition to academic work, I work as freelance in projects related to backend development, database planning and management, IT solutions for small businesses and home users, data analysis and as a statistics consultant. My beverage of choice is chimarrão (gaúcho-style) but you’ll often find me drinking black tea with milk, too.

About the content

This is a blog and portfolio website. All my guides and tutorials are available in the blog part of the website. If you are an employer, please go over my projects to learn more about my interests and get in touch to request a copy of my resume. If you are here because of my research, take a look at publications for references and research materials. Finally, the MtG area has a list of my current Magic: the Gathering decklists. To navigate this website, use the menu at the top.